v0.0.15 Jan. 13, 2018

Improved Music Mode

The music mode has been redesigned to:

  • Be able to toggle display of album arts.
  • Support key bindings.
  • Have separate buttons to close window or return to normal mode.

A lot of bugs related to Music Mode have been fixed.

Command Line Tool

Finally, the command line tool for IINA is here. To enable it, simply add a symlink to/Applications/ in your PATH:

shell ln -s /Applications/ ~/bin/iina

Run iina --help for usage.

MediaPlayer Framework

IINA now uses the modern MediaPlayer Framework for system-wide media control. This includes:

  • Fix of all media key related bugs in previous versions.
  • Support for other media control commands, such as AirPods and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Media control will presist in the Touch Bar Control Strip.
  • Support for the Now Playing widget.

The MediaPlayer Framework only works in macOS 10.13+. On earlier system versions, it will fallback to the old mpv media key handling mechanism.

New Settings

  • Added options to pause/resume the media when:
    • Minimized/un-minimized window
    • Window became inactive/active
    • Left/entered full screen.
  • Added an option to display time and battery information in full screen.
  • Added options to control the initial window size and position.
  • Added options to control when and how to resize window to fit the video

Saved Filters and New Filter Presets

  • Now users are able to save added filters for later use.
  • Users can now assign shortcut keys to a saved filter, to toggle a filter on/off quickly.
  • Added 3D LUT as a video filter preset; when a 3D LUT file is drag&dropped into the window, will be loaded automatically.

Revised Key Binding System

All menu items are now linked to (mpvdkey bindings (Preferences - Key Bindings). Therefore, users are given full control of menu shortcuts. To change the shortcut for a menu item, just edit the corresponding key binding in Preferences. If there are more than one corresponding key bindings, the first one will be used.

  • We changed and removed some default key bindings. If you prefer the previous key bindings, edit them in Preferences.
  • Updated VLC and Movist key bindings.
  • Redesigned the Key Binding tab of Preferences.

Safari Extension

  • Added "Open in IINA" in context menu when right-clicked a link.

Other Improvements

  • Added haptic feedback when dragging OSC for Force Touch enabled trackpads.
  • Accept ISO639-1 codes for settings that requires language codes.
  • Other minor improvements are not documented.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ESC key not working in legacy full screen.
  • Fixed animation missing when exiting full screen by clicking the traffic light button.
  • Fixed wrong window size when switched media in full screen.
  • Fixed controls in sidebar not being updated under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where the window could be resized to small size and crops OSC.
  • Fixed a bug where subtitles cannot be reloaded.
  • Fixed a crash when loading online subtitles.
  • Other minor fixes are not documented.

v0.0.14.1 Oct. 25, 2017

This build fixed some critical issues in previous versions. All users are recommended to upgrade to this version.

  • Crash when seeking (fastforwarding) on some devices.
  • Crash on launch encountered by some El Capitan / High Sierra users.
    • No video in full screen encountered by some El Capitan / High Sierra users.
  • Crash when trying to enter interactive mode (crop/delogo) while in legacy full screen.
  • IINA alerts "nothing to play" for uncommon file types.
  • The option "Enter full screen when launched" conflicting with music mode.
  • Some issues related to thumbnail generating that could lead to incorrect thumbnails.
  • Fixed some logic blacking out other screens.

It also contains some other improvements:

  • Upgraded the built-in FFmpeg to the latest version, which supports HEVC hardware decoding on applicable devices.
  • Enhanced full screen animation which is smoother than ever.
  • Adjusted some default options: use keyframe seek for left/right buttons; disable Apple Remote support

v0.0.13 Oct. 15, 2017

Please check for release notes.

v0.0.12 July 17, 2017

Please check for release notes.

v0.0.11 June 6, 2017

Switch to Sparkle!

  • As IINA is being stable, we switched to the Sparkle framework, which brings all features you'll need for auto updating.

Other important updates

  • Fixed several crashes introduced by auto loading feature in 0.0.10.
  • Improved precision when auto matching subtitles.
  • Improved the appearance of Touch Bar slider.

v0.0.10 June 3, 2017

New Features

Playback History

  • Unlimited playback history (Shift+Cmd+H)
  • Group by date or media folder
  • Added an option to show all played files in "Open Recent" menu

Touch Bar Enhancement

  • Redesigned Touch Bar slider
  • Able to show remaining time in Touch Bar
  • Fix: play/pause button in Touch Bar not refreshing
  • Fix: UI glitches when dragging Touch Bar slider


mpv's auto_load.lua has caused various problems. We used our own logic starting from 0.0.10.

  • Fix incorrect behaviors of auto loading
  • Sort playlist items by natural order
  • Able to adjust playlist panel width
  • Fold same prefixes in filenames automatically


  • Able to assign subtitles to playlist items (like Movist)
  • Able to set subtitle search path, supporting wildcards
  • Match subtitles automatically and intelligently for all playlist items
  • All subtitles found in search paths are available for quick switching in side panel
  • Added a button for searching online subtitles in side panel


  • Made the App fully localizable
  • Added missing localization for almost all languages
  • Added Turkish and Russian


  • Able to remember position of on screen controller (OSC)
  • Supporting drag-and-dropping urls into dock icon
  • Improved the appearance of about window
  • Added OSD for empty tracks
  • Added support for dv file
  • Other unlisted impeovements

Bug fixes

  • Fix: support for uppercased key code
  • Fix: number formatting problems in side bar
  • Fix: open file panel not responding when cannot load external subtitles
  • Fix: pinch gesture available in full screen
  • Other bug fixes

v0.0.9 May. 8, 2017

This version is a hotfix of following critical bugs:

  • Crash when changing key bindings.
    • If you have encountered such problem, even if you installed 0.0.9, please also find the config file you were trying to modify in ~/Library/Application Support/com.colliderli.iina/input_conf/, and delete the corrupted line, which only contains a key code without corresponding action.
  • Crash when buffering in Traditional Chinese environment.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

v0.0.8 May. 3, 2017

New features

  • OSC layout: Now IINA supports three layouts for On Screen Controller
Osc layout
  • New key bindings system:
    • Support binding keys to native IINA commands, like search online subtitles, enter PIP, flip/mirror, delete current file, etc.
    • Key bindings can be changed dynamically without restarting the App
    • IINA will only consume key events that bound to actions
  • New OSD:
    • Add more OSD types, like displaying filename on start, OSD for track changes and seeking, etc.
    • Display more information in OSD
  • Support blacking out other screens when entered full screen
  • Support setting itself as the default App for all file types it supports (Menu > Help)
  • Update mpv to 0.25.0
  • Update youtube-dl to the latest version
  • Japanese translation


  • Fix the logic for floating on top
    • Now panels won't be covered by video window
    • Cancel floaing on top when paused (if "always float on top" is on)
  • Draggable window when not focused
  • Adjusted default key bindings
  • Check update every 12 hours

Bug fixes:

  • Fix: Crash when exit
  • Fix: Crash when performing pinch gesture on 10.10-10.11
  • Fix: Blocks system sleep in some rare cases when paused
  • Fix: Incorrect aspect ratio for some videos with non-square pixels
  • Fix: Fail to play when url contains '%'
  • Fix: Cmd+0/1/2 behavior when uses logical resolution
  • Fix: Various layout problem in some languages
  • Other bug fixes

v0.0.7 Mar. 28, 2017

IINA's wiki is now under construction: You may find some helps on common issues like youtube-dl or downloading online subtitles.

New features

  • Add support for OpenSubtitles
    • Please set "Subtitle source" to ""
    • Please read for detailed usage.
  • Auto complete for subtitle language settings
  • Display document icon in titlebar
    • Right click titlebar to show path menu
  • More gesture controls:
    • Customizing vertical and horizontal scrolling actions
    • Setting sensitivity for volume (and seek)
    • Support pinch gesture (to zoom window or toggle fullscreen)
    • Optimize for mouses that don't support precise scrolling
  • Human readable key binding settings, doesn't require knowledge on mpv command
  • Improved open URL dialog, add GUI for HTTP authentication
    • Support url containing spaces / lacking protocol
  • Support mpv's ontop and geometry options
  • Support Apple Remote

Bug fixes

  • Fix prevent/allow sleep not working when pause/resume by right click
  • Fix standard buttons (traffic lights) may be disabled after opening new files (in build 15)
  • Fix wrong aspect ratio when playing some portrait videos recorded by mobile devices
  • Fix "saving downloaded sub" always saves the last subtitle
  • Fix the logic of whether resetting speed to normal when paused
  • Fix hanging when using some custom mpv.conf
  • Fix audio language preference not work
  • Other bug fixes


  • Now shortcuts for sidebar (Cmd+A/V/S/P/C) will switch to panel/tab directly
  • Set default UI auto hide time to 2.5s (5s in previous version)
  • Ignore hidden files when adding files into playlist
  • Better synchronization of sliders and text fields (for play speed, sub/audio delay)
  • Update "About" window
  • Allow decimal numbers for sub settings, like border, shadow
  • Change default screenshot folder to "~/Pictures/Screenshots"
  • Polish translation
  • Other enhancements

v0.0.6 Feb. 22, 2017

This version mainly fixed the following critical bug:

  • Crash / window flash / window close unexpectly on launch

It also includes some other updates:

  • Fixed window size unless open file manually
  • New inspector
  • Support HTTP proxy
  • Support custom youtube-dl path
  • Fix crash / incorrect sub filename when download subtitles, if video name contains non-ASCII characters
  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.2.17
  • Update mpv to 0.24.0
  • Allow volume > 100 when increasing volume by menu action
  • Fix crash when showing buffer indicator for zh-Hant, Fr
  • Don't check error when add filters, since most filters are not working when enabled hardware decode.

v0.0.5 Feb. 14, 2017

Online video

  • Add support for youtube-dl, which enables video streaming from YouTube and hundreds of other websites
  • Add prefernce for youtube-dl
  • Add Chrome/Safari extension to open curent webpage in IINA: Chrome, Safari
  • Support dragging URL/text in window to open


  • Add option for whether auto creating playlist
  • Add option for whether auto playing next playlist item
  • Support multiple selection
  • Support reorder playlist items
  • Support dragging file into any position in playlist
  • Add context menu for playlist items, including
    • Play next, remove
    • Delete file, reveal in Finder
    • Add new items, clear playlist
  • Support playlist loop
  • Support shuffle (this will only reorder the playlist randomly)
  • Support saving current playlist to m3u8 file

*Double clicking a playlist item to play

New features

  • Add Picture-in-Picture (PIP) support
  • A new graphical interface for adding key bindings
  • Support single file loop
  • Allow adjusting override level for ASS styles
  • Add option for subtitle position
  • Add option for subtitle blur and letter spacing
  • Display chapter number for BD files
  • New translations: French, Italian


  • Support old Mac models and improve stability on Hackintosh
  • Stop terminating app on MPV command error (like wrong key binding)
  • Avoid saving empty extra mpv options
  • Add basic checking when loading key binding files
  • Increase default cache size to 150M
  • DMG installation, signed App

Bug fixes

  • Fix space key not working sometimes
  • Fix unexpected quit on launch (experimental)
  • Avoid adding duplicated subtitles
  • Fix "show chapter in progress bar" not work
  • Fix unchecking "resume playback" not work
  • Fix "show remaining time" not work on launch
  • Fix 1px bottom border sometimes
  • Fix no transaltion for subtitle downloading
  • Other minor fixes

v0.0.4 Jan. 30, 2017


  • Update to mpv 0.23.0
  • New rendering mechanism
    • More smooth window resizing experience
    • Fix high CPU consumption

New Features

  • Support macOS 10.10
  • Add file icons
  • Localization for German, Korean and Traditional Chinese
  • Support choosing audio device
  • Support S/PDIF output
  • Support displaying subtitles in letterbox (full screen only)
  • Support setting subtitle position
  • Support setting subtitle scaling with window
  • Support saving downloaded subtitles to video directory
  • **Support displaying remaining time **


  • Changed "clear playlist" button icon
  • Allow device sleep when media paused
  • Support setting max volume
  • Show an open file panel when there's no window and clicked dock icon
  • Display localized font name
  • Clear recent files when unchecked option

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Crash when buffering
  • Fix: Letterboxes are not black in full screen
  • Fix: Incorrect resolution when opening video in full screen
  • Fix: Inaccurate seek time preview label
  • Fix: Fullscreen button changes to zoom when window floating on top
  • Fix: IINA's window disappears in Mission Control when window floating on top

v0.0.3 Jan. 21, 2017


  • AutoLayout for all interfaces
  • Prepared for localization
  • Add full simplified Chinese localization

New features

  • Redesigned on screen controller
  • Support Resuming last playback position
  • Support customizing mouse right click action
  • Add "Hide OSC" as (default) mouse click action
  • Add "Always on top while playing" option

Bug fixes

  • Support playing pure audio files
  • Fix almost all crashes on launch
  • Fix incorrect window behavior in multiple screen environment
  • Fix OSC not hiding when launched or switched to fullscreen
  • Fix cannot switch subtitle from menu after chosen second subtitle
  • Use system provided customize touch bar menu item
  • Disable auto tabbing completely
  • Fix fullscreen menu item not updated
  • Fix pause menu item not updated
  • Fix forced enabling media key on launch


  • Informative alert for error setting extra option
  • Do not show time preview by accident when dragging OSC
  • Move check update to main menu

v0.0.2 Jan. 12, 2017

Force Touch

  • Add: Force Touch support for changing speed (like QuickTime)

Touch Bar

  • Change: time position label now have a fixed width

Key bindings

  • Fix: custom input configurations not working
  • Add: an IINA default key binding
  • Fix: some shortcuts not compatible with system


  • Fix: volume slider not changing when changed volume from menu
  • Fix: volume menu items should be +/- 5%


  • Add: support scroll wheel on external mouse
  • Add: support natural scroll
  • Fix: single click action also performed when double clicking


  • Add: Download subtitles automatically from (We would like to support opensubtitles, however their API is rather complicated and requires some registration stuff, so it will be added later in 0.0.3.)
  • Change: support playback position in milliseconds
  • Change: better performance for very short videos
  • Change: stop using negative values for slow speed
  • Change: also cycle "1x" when press arrow buttons for changing speed


  • Fix: high CPU usage when idle
  • Fix: high CPU usage when open file from playlist
  • Fix: force using dedicated GPU when playing (allow using integrated GPUs)

Program behavior

  • Add: Check update automatically
  • Add: An initial open file window (Optional, available in Preference-General-Behavior)
  • Add: option for whether keep window open when playback finished
  • Add: prevent sleeping / entering screen saver while playing
  • Fix: crash when mpv shuts down internally (support pressing 'q' to quit)
  • Fix: 80% of random crashs when open file from dock or Finder
  • Fix: recent files not remembered when open from dock or Finder
  • Fix: no alpha option in color panels
  • Fix: need to expand ~ in mpv config directory


  • Change: better dragging performance on 10.11+
  • Add: support dragging & drop subtitle / video files in window to open them
  • Fix: floating on top will disable all standard buttons (traffic lights)
  • Fix: unable to enter fullscreen when floating on top
  • Change: change shortcut for fullscreen to Control+Command+F.
  • Fix: video duration in OSC does not update in fullscreen
  • Add: synchronize mpv's fullscreen status with IINA's fullscreen (support pressing 'f' to enter fullscreen)


  • Fix: some observers never being removed
  • Fix: mpv_report_flip not being called correctly


  • Add: nightly builds availeble from It builds from develop branch so please don't even expect it will launches normally. It's not signed.
  • Add: add
  • Fix: typos and grammar problems
  • Fix: trailing spaces
  • Change: update some config files
  • Change: refactor some util scripts

v0.0.1 Jan. 3, 2017

  • First release.